End of May

How can it be… Already… End of May? I mean really, when it happened? Half of year gone? Half of such a sad one. But to be honest, still, it was spring. … spring… Time for rebirth, change… okay, not … Continue reading

I am

I am too far from everything recently. Somehow I do not want to be here and now… really be. I am desperately trying to find a place in my head which I haven’t visited in a while. Or maybe there … Continue reading

The window…

Is it more important what you see through it… Or maybe… More important what is in it? Or… Maybe nothing is important, because everything is about watching you? Everything. About the light which peeks… Every morning or evening or… all … Continue reading

More trees

How is it? I mean really… Is it in some people’s DNA… is it our ancestors leftovers? Or maybe just a coincidence? Though I do not believe in coincidences. Nope. Not at all. There got to be something more. In … Continue reading


It was still winter, when I met this piece. Still dark, but also warm, weird, omening something… What later happened, but… I am not about it. I am here to show you how everything difference when it is black and … Continue reading


To be honest… there is always something surprising, unaccepted… in the woods. Always something… Meaningful. Beautiful. Surprising even. So symbolic, like this hear shaped trunk. Piece of wood, which already had been inhabited… By magic. By colors, shapes and just … Continue reading


I love trees. Obsessively. I cry when people cut them, and I feel the best when I can plant or buy more. If you want to give me something, buy books, trees and silver… I am that simple. I can … Continue reading