More light

Sometimes light is everything, everywhere… And sometimes. It is more divine. Like crazy resurrection of some kind… Or maybe there is a pot of gold? Wait… Have to check… What? Of course I will not tell you if I found … Continue reading


… oh my, this title is awesome. Right? You could except everything in such blog post. Something dirty, something mysterious or something… surprising. Something new, something old. Maybe even something borrowed. A huge BOOOOM. Or at least a middle size … Continue reading


I mean, you all know that winter is my obsession. Unfortunately we had no winter this year, what brought me to conclusion months ago, that we will have some plague… guess who was right? Not funny at all. But… to … Continue reading

In a car

I mean really… I love it. Sitting in a car, when it rains outside. And… when the lights around are on. The soft darkness is dancing around, though… … letting them be themselves too. Magical. Like… creating another world. Dimension… … Continue reading


Because why not. Because you should even MUST make others happy, not bring your sadness to them. Do not show off your feelings which are… Well, not smiley. Smile! Because girls look so much better with a smile. Because… And … Continue reading

Dirty window

Yes, it is my dirty window, or more like… … this was a very special art, recently cruelty removed by my husband, who needed some exercise. You know, running away from homework. LOL truly. Because here we are also closed … Continue reading