Get lazy

Get lazy!

If you want to.

It may work magic for you.

Stop looking at all those possibilities. Finally sleep it over, everything. Eat… what you have, to be clear some of us do not have choice, sooo…

Try being lazy.

It will kill you finally, and as a new one you will rise and… maybe will not be a reborn but may be a new being.

Should I feel weird that for me not much has changed except my husband is working from his office, not going to “the city”… we still wake up early, go to bed at 11pm.

I mean… geeez, I am so boring!!!

We worked in the garden on the weekends. That was a hard work… huge bushes, tiny saw. Very tiny…

And now what?

Everything is killing me. Every part of my body. And some people write that they are bored? You have internet, you can learn a new language, read… gather knowledge…

You can take photos from the inside, play with camera at home.

You can do so much… but maybe you will get it after laziness will start to bother you. Or are you one of those who say it will never happen?

I mean really?

People are different.

But suddenly only me has fun with myself.

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