Art, art and art

I mean, okay, maybe I notice and am obsessed by things which… most of you just pass by? Maybe sometimes you squat, but not often.

Maybe sometimes in a corner of an eye you see waving…

But you are too busy.

Or are a people’s person and in fact do not have to pretend that you are so interested in something else and not into conversation?

Maybe… But this you would notice.

New piece of art in Malmö.

We will check in next posts if it lights up…

City… Which in fact is crazy about art. Truly. You may see it just as suburbia, small town, boring, but for me it sparkles…

With art.

With pieces new, and old, preserved.

Or just…


And those secret passages.

Places for secret lovers… or dealers. Less romantic, for sure. LOL

Look at those gates, perfectly crafted… Oh yes. Close them, and somehow you got your own world. For a moment? tbc

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