Even more doors…

The symbolism of doors is just amazing.

You never know if they let you in or close somewhere.

You can not be sure.


If they have windows, mostly they reflect what is outside, you can not peek… and even if you can, are you sure this what you see is the truth?

Are you?

And look at those details.

Amazing, old job.

And then… looking for more, I stopped by those doors. Also doors. Maybe a bit more obvious, although I know really almost nothing about the mess they are hiding, still… this cute graphic art, colors, grey, white, redness and black…

How cool it is?

This precision.

Just not only awesome idea to enrich the city but also… a lot of work.

And then…

Blue doors… for those who need more hope and protection. Dreams and imagination to fly around…

And simple wooden ones in a very old house.

New incorporated in old.

Such a nice structure. Still in Lund.

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