Blood on the sand

Sometimes there is nothing… only sand.

Sometimes it is so clean that you think it is salt, snow…

Sometimes… there is no sand at all!

And sometimes… yeah…

There they are.

Seaweeds and sun.

And the whiteness of the sand…

Innocent sand, where something took a battle.

And lost…

Still leaving… the beauty.

Amazing, breathtaking in shades, screaming beauty.

On a white, soft sand.

I mean this shade of redness, almost trying to jump on you and be a part of your life even if… you are scared of red.

Yup, some people are scared of some colors. Some have bad memories connected to them from childhood and some… are just me and think it does not taste good. Yes, we weirdos can smell and taste colors and numbers and letters…

But this redness… is just one and only!

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