Fall in love

I do it…

No idea why… I do not only hug the trees.

I do not only talk to them and am easily amazed by them, but…

I fall in love in them.

Too easily.

Oh yes.

This one is my old and new love.


Somehow we abandoned each other, and now… we are connected… again.

… because it called me.

Called me loudly.

And look… bloomed.

I mean, of course I thought those were regular leaves, but I do not fall in love with “regular”, “normal” etc.

I fall in love with those special ones.

Truly special.

We do not have to know our names, but we know we are connected. Somehow. Maybe weirdly, but no sex involved… although his “leaves” are so soft!!!

And that amazing bark has so many shades, colors and structure…

It is an amazing tree.

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