Rød fluesvamp… muchomor. 

Toadstool… flybane?

So many names, famous photo of a fox eating one…

The past telling me that you can always eat mushrooms which were eaten by bugs or animals, and suddenly this one.

The one, maybe not the most deadly, still… well, deadly.

But also… I mean really, there is something in fungi what is so fascinating.

Like… they were asking you: will you fly with me? LOL

Come on… try me.

You can die only once.

But still, they are so beautiful. Such little, or bigger, red spaceships in the woods.

For years they were so rare here…

But this year really showed their beauty.

And trust me, they were huge.

Amazingly huge and juicy.

Yummy… looking, only!!!

Some with spots some without them, creating those magical circles or just being one and only by the road… you know, those introverts. LOL

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