Windy, windy…

Oh yes, it is soooooo… windy recently here.

Even too windy.

Those winds, in fact just air, started to be really psychedelic. Weird thoughts, no sleep, al those noises, whispers even…

It is everywhere!

But this is living on an island, right.

Simple, natural.


Because I read the story about Dorothy and I am so not into traveling in my home and not into walking to meet a weird wizard.

And killing a witch…

I mean, so not me!

But those wind, constant howling…

From the other angle, to be honest, quiet weather is so painful too.

So, how to explain it?

Me being hit in mind by windy, stormy weather?

But also not okay because it is not windy?

Yes, I am a woman.

Come on, not those stereotypes!!! LOL

In fact I know what I want!

I am that simple.


Okay, I am not, but when it comes to storms well… sometimes winds are giving me energy and sometimes they are just killing my mind!

I am aware that we are one with nature but still…

How to deal with it?

How to create?

Or maybe I will let the winds do the work.

Nope… no beans, no cabbage no peas or brussel sprouts here, at least recently LOL I swear!!! Blame others!

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