I am sure

I think I am sure…

What is weird, it may be the only thing which I am really sure in my life.

Really and truly.


That I do not get it.

I mean at all. From Black Fridays to women, wait womxn?

I do not get it. It must be the age or… me not watching TV. And trees really do not care that my fingernails are natural, same with hair and boobs. And my clothes are just black, washed cotton…

Luckily reflections do not mind either.

So grateful.

I can be so under dressed to meet them.

And worship them…

Sooo… why the modern world looks at me so weirdly? Or wait, they have a name for me too… someone called me a hipster, I do not think so… I am me. There is no someone like me. Two mes could be…

End of this world.

Trust me.

I am only me.

Laughing when someone told me what is now very fashionable… I wanted this type of clothes when I was an early teenager!!!

OMMI they were ugly and still are. LOL

Oh well…

Sooo… yeah, I do not get this world. And you know what. This world – humans – do not get me either. But nature do not mind. Trees only want your breath and no litter…

Flowers want to be planted, trees too.

Like my yule trees. All in pots as usual. Love them!

And you… Do you get this world?

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