The chain

I got those messages very often, that I made someone look at the world differently.

That now they are not bored during the traffic.

That… the world opened different possibilities, that someone is like… checking pieces of my photos and then trying to find something similar, and finally discover this what is the most interesting for them.

Leaves, trees or…

Crazy details.

And you know, okay, I get it, and I am so grateful for everyone reading and looking at my photos, but… I can not be so special. LOL Come on!

Come on!!!

Come on?

I am weird but… maybe it is all because I tend to be alone, I like it, I am fun for myself, I can entertain myself… although I love my Husband too and prefer him to be near always, sooo… how is it?

Am I a weird chain?

You know, bunch of personalities connected together…

Maybe some are hidden, some more visible, and some… broken…

But if they are okay and you pull…

More and more… you can check every one of them.

Be careful, be slow…

Or maybe do it quickly like with a bandage?

Or maybe only look at some which want to be looked at and leave the rest for later?

Because there is time for everything.

And some things better are to be left alone… PS. I love silver! If you missed that LOL But nope, this chain is only silver shade… pity.

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