Princesses, not queens…

They did not make it.

Such life… cruel… simple human mind things about it only this way…

Or maybe they made it, decided, we should feel honored, but we know nothing about it? How, why, what for…

I do not know, but they always, every year make me wonder, how this beauty can exist in so many shapes, colors, shades… can kill you but also can just be, co exist.

Princesses of the sea. Cold sea. Which came here, to my island, to die…

Change back into water and then be born again somewhere.

But there is all that story untold. All those steps, boots crushing them. All those people which are not noticing them.

Because what for.


What beauty?

They are past tense, so why to care for them… why I care? Why I am sometimes so obsessed about them? Because they are so feminine? Because they are so like from other world? Or maybe… there is something more?

I do not know.

I have no answers.

Princesses, not the queens because… there was no time… and there is so many of them. So many, but only some of them got those colors.

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