Just under the surface…

Old tales say that the biggest secrets are hidden deep in the sea. Under the surface. Deep in the abyss where the darkness creates its own definition…

And it is the truth.

But only one of the truths, to be honest.

Because very silent whisper can tell you…

That this what is a biggest secret in fact is much more closer.

And you need no oxygen bottle to reach it.

They are just under the surface.

Or… are the surface.

The mostly amazing, sparkling stories.

Most breathtaking, most magical.

About creatures which know everything, still are to hesitant to just be up talking loudly… you know, with time they got scared of humans.

Their stupidity!

And weird fears.

But if you are brave enough you still can just come and ask for them. If your heart is true, and good and bad is in you… because there is no such thing like only white and only black… well, we all make mistakes… if you are just someone who wanna know, all you have to do is touch the surface and ask…


Maybe bring flower petals with you or chocolate. The beings can be much more certain that you are the one deserving the stories. LOL

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