Arty evolution

Artists change.

People change.

Artist are people, or maybe not fully, but still, often much more fragile much more vulnerable, often art comes out from depression and anxiety, touched with all those mental pushes like Asperger or autism… and those are minds which in fact often change. Or not. Or change suddenly and then come back…

But what buyers want?

Because come on, we got to eat and pay for brushes and paint. Or electricity… we mostly do not live in the woods, by the river where we can fish and eat grass or mushrooms. Plus in Danmark you can not just camp wherever you want.


We change.

We evolve.

Sometimes we stop.

Sometimes we destroy our pieces. But in fact most of us is… crazy enough to try live from it. When you combine with science, well, if you wanna buy Chanel, choose other studies or become a Youtuber.

Or Influencer.

Still… art changes and very often consumers hate those changes. Painting something what you do not see more in your inside, in your soul/heart/guts/whatever… this is a nightmare. My complicated mind can no more get it. So it stopped and pushed me back into photos which in fact were with me since my birth.

This happens when you are raised by artists and teachers.

You evolve.

You change like seasons.

You can come back and nope, you can not push, force anyone to like you. This is the truth. I bet the ripple does not have those problems. Oh you pretty one, with all those amber shades and spots of blue… so pretty.

Accept artists changing, sometimes it can be really freeing… and sometimes you can find something new. In old… new, what will make you fly. A picture which will show how easy you can understand yourself.

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