Life is about…

Remember, that none knows it what life is about. I mean really. Even those who are dead. They had that life, maybe if we accept traveling of souls and reincarnation, still, how many lives before being a god?

Still… life is short and to be honest you, just you, should be the one who fights for it and does everything to be… yeah, is the happiness still on? The highest dream? The biggest one? Really?

But maybe, especially around this time of year when so many speaks of consumptionism and celebrating time, humanity could just stop pissing me?


Pissing me when I say that I do love gloomy days, I love winter and this time which should be quiet. Should be a time to reflect, sleep longer, rest, read, be with someone who you love, have more sex – if you are into it LOL – just slow down.

Look longer on the horizon.

Look longer on branches, last leaves… everything. Just step into this wet gloominess. Just accepting it. Or more like, stop pissing me with your stupid theories about abundance and ecology, and just only join nature!

Look at your garden, how it is still awesome, although everyone says plants are dead.

Look at the woodlands and look at the sea.

It is always…

… breathtaking.


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