Turn off

Turn off yourself and look at the sea.

It does not care how you look.

It does not care how much you weight.

It really is here for the fish, seaweeds and mysteries, legends and beings unknown. If you ask nicely, it will whisper you stories…

But are you ready for them?

Not all of them are… well, “nice” in the way people define it today.

Because nice, naughty, bad, good… when you look into those waves, everything is just… natural. Comes from water and comes there back…

Changes and never is the same.

Still… for me, someone with weird aberration in the brain, somehow neither the sound nor this constant changing theme is disturbing…

Because it is natural.

And yes, those are still reflections…

Nope, not the paintings. LOL Nor feathers.

Just the world of reflections, which changes with every ripple.

To tell a story…

About the abyss which is much more interesting than TV… trust me! Or do not… well, who needs trust, right? Check it. Be a scientist.

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