Photoshop me softly

I was watching a part of new Adobe Photoshop show… and it killed me. Really. Because to be honest, why to worry…

Why to lie down, get wet…



If everything can be done in seconds by some program?

Why to worry. Why to work? What for walk miles and take the poses and… really, why to paint… why?

What for do anything?

Can a human being create something what will be big enough as a work of software engineer or a programmer… or… wait, what does my Husband do? LOL Yes, I am aware that computers, internet… this all stuff took over our lives.

Okay, maybe I am not a good example, but…

But I still will be the one who is on a ground, trying every angle to find perfection. To find something new, amazing, to surprise someone… myself.

Because yes Sheepydale it does look like a painting.

Smooth brushes dancing on blue canvases…

Why to think about taking something over the nature, choosing… why some of us can not be like me. Unable to suit into this rush?


There is a place for all of us. Those which see inspiration in everything and those who prefer to be led by hand… who need a leader.

Someone who will tell them how and what to do to be found fancy and smart…

I may not understand how someone can need a specialist to tell them how to breath, live and poop, but this is me, stupid one on hard rocks trying to catch a wave which could be created by some graphic program in seconds.

But… still it hurts. Hurts when someone says, that a computer will do it quicker and better than a human being… why it hurts so much?


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