Just some inspirations…

It depends where you are… and how you look… and… yeah, in fact they are everywhere, but still they are not helping me, because this what I wanna paint is in my head. Is bothering me. Is making me crazy!!!


I never wanna paint something what already exists but sometimes photography kills my brushing time. Really, truly. Somehow when I take a photo, I do not wanna paint it. I have a photo, it took me a moment, or took ages to take exactly this one shot.

You never know.

Even if I tell you, will you believe?

Do I need your faith?


Or more like I should not to.

Because I am awesome, I am smart, talented and working hard, still… I am trying to say it to stubborn myself every day, but…

I am not listening to me.


And it sucks.

I do not believe in myself.

In simple, boring myself.

I do not believe in this world, in fact I do not have faith in me. I have only the knowledge. I just know things…

Just know…

And only those reflections always bother my mind…

Because somehow, they are not mirrors, no way… they are another worlds. And they are so arty, that I am too jealous to paint. LOL

PS. There are new pieces for sale if you are interested!!! Except the green one all come with wooden easel, more photos on Kobaltowa Wrona, and are 200DKK each. Contact me on Facebook.   

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