Lund in spring 12

Do you remember this time when spring starts to play with petals?

Oh, that was that moment.

Special one.

Very white and blue and pink.

Very fragile, unique, although happening every year…

Unique, because to catch this moment is so rare.

At least for me…

So I just could not leave it…


But had to… had to come back home.

And in those days, I wasn’t into coming back.


I wanted new…

New to happen.

I still need it…

Something finally to move… and nope, not talking about moving out LOL


Oh and this light, setting sun which made the stone even more blue.

It was so… fantasy books like.

So Harry Potter…


I can smell the cauldron bubbling.

I can hear the dragons…

I can see them.

But I always see more.


Like those lovely tiles.

I mean, who does it now? In this weird world which claims to be so unique not so many really is one.

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