Lund in spring 3

Sooo… I was walking.

Just walking and touching old bricks and stones…

Windows were blinking to me and feathers… yup, there was a whole bunch of feathers.

You know… spring. LOL

Spring in the city.

Old one… but still so vibrant.

Still so happy of people and all this what is going on around them.

Somehow grateful for noticing how lovely it is.

How adorable.

And all those feathers…

Yeah, I know, China blah blah blah… still, those feathers were real.

And those trees.

Blooming like crazy.

So fluffy. So amazing after all those days of darkness and naked branches.

With this blue those yellow feathers were like a perfect example of the famous Swedish flag.

And then again this clean white and black…

Maybe not so clean lines, but remember that those homes are a bit wonky… bit bend. Bit… like they were trying to hear all the stories.

Like older ladies sitting on benches… you know which one. LOL

And yellow again.

And then, suddenly big city with an amazing fountain…

And flowers, and an amazing magnolia tree.

Still not fully open.

Waiting… for a perfect moment.

For one more ray of sun.

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