Lund in spring 2

The weather was fantastic.

Still cold, but spring sprung and everything was ready…


And there was not too many humans, only a bunch of them in a caffe… only a huge group warming at the cathedral wall…

Or holding it?

No idea…

Still… all those walls, streets, so inviting…

Trees waiting, grass green…

And again… architecture.

Old, strong, still holding on.

So mesmerizing.

Sooo… like home – okay my home – still a bit different.

And those windows and the sky so blue…

I mean, when you travel by ferry and have a seasick, you really appreciate the ground. Soil. Bricks. Something not moving.

Normality… yes, I like normality. Regularity. Just love it.

But also, some craziness. Funny chairs, people laughing.


And whiteness.

Oh yes, there is a lot of this pure… okay, here maybe barbarically taken away, but still… whiteness.

So… taking us into another world.

The world which I can breath, what is so surprising.

Because it is still a city!!!

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