S Ugglarp

I mean… first you notice peace and quiet.

I mean really.

Peace and quiet.

You leave the big road and are surrounded by nature and emptiness.

And that redness.

Of course we were here when it was still spring, trees were naked…

And I do think that maybe here is a restaurant or something like that…

But for me, there were only stones.

Amazing. Huge. Perfectly put together.

Because it was not only the shape of a ship but…

Also those stones like crawling, or trying to stand up warriors.

Ready for something.

Ready, to be heard.

The only thing was… I do not like to feel like I was trespassing. You know, invading somebody’s else privacy.

I know it is open and for everyone, but still… I need peace and quiet to talk to stones to be with them, to just stand up and get stoned LOL And here listening to the stories is not so easy. Or maybe it was only me…

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