Havängsdösen 4

Leaving Havängsdösen was painful…

I think there are such places which mark you.

Which touch you.

Not just hug you and kiss “bye” and go to another person, but want a piece of you, to keep forever close.

Bite inside your soul.

You dream about it… it will explore you in fact forever now, but you have to go.

Leave… Leave those trees, although you feel those roots inside of you already. Tickle… really!!! LOL

Oh, this emptiness is so calming.

And all those shapes remind us as in fact dangerous it can be.

And then those tiny woodlands…

I mean really…

These are so inspirational.

So heartwarming.

I could look at them for long, but got more things to show you… so, I must leave… leave again… leave…


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