All those lines

Borders, lines, limits, frontiers…

Something is there, and you are here.

So also doors, veils, gates… because there are those chosen to pass, right?

Or not.

Still, when I look at the sea hitting stones and other, created by humans “creations” is like… from one side a kiss, hit, splash or maybe…



And sometimes…

You have to put your own shields down and face the adult world. Which makes you sick. Truly.

And I am scared.

I build them to stay semi okay, but… sometimes I have to pretend I am an adult. I am like everyone else… fuuu…k it is so hard.

Even taking a peek is… painful

I still prefer thinking about veils and gates, mirrors and doors which let our imagination fly and dance like a crazy drunken middle aged woman… like me.

Yes, we are alive!

Old does not mean no fun.

Sooo… who is jumping with me? Yes, this water is so clean because of rocks and soft sand… simple. Sooo… oh yes, it is cold, but still.

Come on, be brave!!!

I am not good in being brave! But I have pills for this! LOL

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