Oh my… swans.

Magical beasts.

Remember the basic fairy tale about swans? You know, the “Ugly duckling” one? Well… it is true and is not. In, of course, my opinion.

No offense, but those fluffy babies are so cute. And growing up are still majestic even, but… those white ones…

Or black.

Oh my, why big white bird gets such a huge applause?

Okay, you all know I am afraid of them. Too many times they tried to chase me… even when I was like a far away from them.

I mean WTF?

Because I wear black?

Is that “a thing”. I mean, calm down, nothing racist, more like: maybe they see my silhouette differently?

They always somehow do not like me.

Although as a kid I remember them with opened wings in this awful pose… nope, not like them, still… why that huge, white – or black, because there are black too – is so popular. Here we even have a city called their name!

I mean… why?

And why those, not so ducklings, are considered ugly? Is that only metaphorical? Or there is a deeper reason?

For me they are still big and scary, and somehow when younger much more friendly…

Sooo… yes.

I prefer the so called “ugliness” more than white beauty.


Stop hissing on me! LOL

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