Calm down

Of course I do recommend nature to calm down.

But even there it may be tricky.

Very tricky.

I saw humans on bikes with phones in their hands. I mean WTF?!!! Not only stupidity and total danger for others but also… why?

What was so important to put your life at risk?

Why don’t you just stop, take that call, write that message and then turn the phone off!? Why?

I mean really.

As someone who has no TV no phone tell me, what is your answer. Why you can turn off yourself even on a bike in amazing wilderness or, worst, on a road!!! When all you should do is watch the road, cars etc.

I mean…

Sooo… when people say that they go outside into the nature to calm down I am like: really? And what are you taking with you? A camera? Something to record birds singing? Bird watcher stuff or…

… internet?

It is not calming down!

Never. Although when I see – more listen too – all those youtubers only buying stuff I never knew existed… it is somehow washing me inside. Makes me… bored and in fact I sooo… turn off.

But to CALM DOWN… oh I so hate this phrase still.

Especially when I am having a panic attack…

Calm down, like I knew how to do it!

Do not treat me like a stupid babe… I do not know how to do it. I never knew. I need a pill, some time and then…

Yeah, figuring out how to at least reduce this need to calm down. How to find a place where people are not so common.

Because when it comes to me fear is always bonded strongly with those alive.

Somehow dead people are so much more interesting and… no fear included. But hey, I am an archeologist! I do it! And if you wanna check what is going on on my island from this side check the Facebook Page for our newest research. Gold included! If you are into Iron Age especially, bit too fresh for me LOL still…

Just stunning pieces of guldgubber!

Really made of gold. LOL

I will stay in my zone of stone carvings. They make me calm… LOL

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