It was winter…

I mean really it was!

Here winter can be so misleading. Warm, no snow…

When my heart is like: give me reindeer, give me icebergs!!!

But, this is what I have.

So I play with it. And by the way the crystal piece is by Mariaela!

I play with what I have.

Yeah, I am so easy to be pleased. LOL

The truth is… I am always so beyond the Moon when I get letters and postcards. And people so often tell me I am such an easy being to be gifted…

… always grateful.

Well, poor people are always grateful.

We do not have much.

Although, wait… there is something what I have a lot… photos. You can buy and print them as you want it and paintings which are finally in this album, on sale!!! 

Please, buy them, I need food.

Yup… I have tones of photos.

Photos in which I see so much more than others.

Stories… oh my, those dragons and fairies.

Princesses so not like others.

In fact wanting a prince but not truly being sure if they want crowns too… those who wanna stay in cottages but guys want power, crowns, sooo…

Yeah, end of love…

Stories… another something I have a lot.

A lot in me.

In fact I am the only one person which can make me smile, laugh and entertain fully. Weird, right? LOL Do not tell my Husband!!! LOL

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