When you want…

When you really want.

When there is this a bit itching desire in you… a dream…

It is so painful sometimes to achieve what you have visioned… and sometimes it just happens.

And sometimes you fall.

And there is nothing.

Life is tough.

And it need changes. Evolving. Destroying and creating in one time. Burning and blending. Annoying… no peace and quiet, right?


And sometimes it is all about erosion.

And it is frustrating but also so intimidating so addicting.

Soooo… beautiful.

So surprising sometimes.

And on my island you can watch it in one place… I mean it happens everywhere but only soft rocks let us see it… in fact see time. Tides changing the coast.

Or a big tooth?

I mean really? Is it? Some dragon’s one? Did people of GOT lost one? Hello?!!! If so, it is there, down there!!! LOL No cavity!

And this blue… okay, I am an addict.

And hairy rocks, or sleeping trolls.

You choose.

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