It is like… when everything is really bad, when all that stuff piles up on me woodlands, woods, forests… … they are the best. Especially during autumn… When that aroma runs around me and is like a drug. I wanna … Continue reading

More light

When people try photography, they are usually informed that light is the most important thing. But to be true… yeah this is right, although, see ages ago when I started as a kid, and in fact was not like running … Continue reading


Oh yes, walking is my fun activity. Sorry. And reading of course… But when it comes to walking, it is always working too, because of photography, because of archaeology, because if everything… It is both. Walking and work, passion and … Continue reading

The background

The background or you? Sometimes you got to choose. You, or the background. Because both is perfect only from some distance. Melts, creates an amazing show… But standing closer… wait, there is still a background, but another one, right? In … Continue reading


Autumn is my obsession. I love winter, I live for snow and cold, but still, when it comes to autumn, I could be outside all the time. And looking for colors. For leaves finally being themselves. Because yes, they are … Continue reading