A Crow story…

Since I remember, they were here… around me. There, around me. And in the all mighty between…

As a kid I was not a fan.

I was scared a bit, or maybe like overwhelmed…

I did not want them to eat from my bird feeder because I was worried about little birds and…

And now, I know they are always somewhere watching me.

The funniest thing? They know it too!!! LOL

I remember one day, I was waiting for my husband sitting on a wooden bench, maybe a bit hidden – come on, I am short – and one of them started to yell at me.


I had no idea what she was on about.

She was approaching and making all those sounds, but not like someone angry, more like: Hey stupid, look there… I did not look.

Then, suddenly my Husband appeared. Not from a bus station, nope. You know why? Because when he came he could not see me, so went home – luckily not so far away, and did not find me there, so came back here.

And that crow was telling me to look back.

Then was only lauching at both of us.

Oh my, how she was laughing.

That was few years ago… now I am the one watching them, feeding them, and taking photos. Like those, on my village beach.

Calm and…


One and only place to swim and to just sit down.

And dream… and listen to birds, and feel them…

Them watching me.

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