A moment?

Sometimes it is only a moment. A part of time so easy to loose… to not notice. And sometimes it is so much more…

Whole hour or longer until the sun switches its rays, until everything…


Go away.

But until this moment I have those invisible brushes and so much paint which in fact is called water.

But is not water.

Can not be, right?

And having in fact no boundaries… because the sea is huge canvas…

… everything here just is.

Different in every corner, changing with a gentle breeze or switching suddenly when the sun hides behind the clouds.

A show…


Always stunning, always…


So much.

And then, you thought nothing else will happen, it happened and…

I mean really.

Okay, I was frozen in one place, but this show was for free!!!

Come on!


Just for me.

Or I was telling it to myself, because why not?

Maybe someone is listening, but if the answers look like this, I love them.

Very much.

Very very very much.

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