Walking again

Yes, I am boring.

I love walking.

Love feeling pain in my ass and legs, love to be sweaty and… oh, I forgot to mention that I do not like to just walk slow? Sorry… I prefer quick walks, long walks, full of passion, amazing views and squads…

Because I take millions of photos.

If I can not take photos, I am so not going!

Oh come on… this is my way of living.

What is wrong in it? LOL Even if so… you do not have to do it. You can just walk or run, nobody is forcing you to be me. In fact, please do not even try to be me. It is a very dangerous job. LOL

Especially when it is windy.

And dirty job too…

But for such paintings… I am into it. I do not care about the surface I am suppose to lie down on to capture them.

I want them.

For a moment they are only mine!

Really mine.

But… when you are close to the ground you can also calmly find those little ones. In fact there are places where they are like… Hi, we are watching you, you weirdo. LOL Where are your wings?

Well, they are hidden. Well hidden.

For later.

They always make me smile.

This is why a bird feeder and a small bird bath is a must in our garden.

And sorry, no cats allowed.

Because… I wanna look at them.

Okay, would love to hug them, but I am aware they having their own space, wilderness is so much more important than me wanting to hold a sweet, fluffy, warm birdy.


Okay, you are a cutie!

You know it, I know it, we know it… oh just stop it, I can not handle more!!!

Okay, maybe one more photo?

But when you walk, you can suddenly find something alive and in fact being just a window… simple, watching you… full of all those reflections but also with such a strong personality. Amazing, big, to learn from.

This redness and then only a piece of glass…

Or maybe…

A veil, road to another world?

For sure this tiny breaking is here for something.

For sure.

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