News from the sea

Yes, it is still here. Still hiding treasures, mysteries and all that stuff. And of course there are seagulls, and they are…


Looks at this one… so happy to be here, such a star!

Okay, this one hungry, for sure, or just showing off… my island accepts everything, so crazy is also okay.

But the truth is…

We all have this time when the sea amazes us more than usual.

Spiritual and even mentally.

And sometimes it is just there.

One, wet pond. People say it is big, we can google it, but from Gudhjem it is just… the view. From one side soil and rocks, from the other… water.


For me…


Always reflections.


Sometimes it is like there is, under this surface, a small painter with a huge paint brush and is playing… having fun.

And sometimes I think it is just impossible.



Oh come on, agree with me! I am sure a seagull thinks about it differently. For you it is more than the sky and rocks! It is fun, food, playground and meeting place.

For me… it is still something unreal.

Really unreal. LOL

It has so many faces, wavy, calm, stormy and this peaceful which is the scariest, because you know, that peace means war coming…

But… sometimes it is just a painting.

A big one.

Huge one.

Okay, does size matters? Really?

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