A walk 2

It is so easy, but for someone like me sometimes… the hardest thing is to leave my home. The scariest one…

Still, it is so worth it.

So I put earphones in and put the music loud…

And I hear nobody, only myself. And it is okay. It is the only way for me to be outside… still, people do not understand it.

Even if they see me taking photos, somehow they wanna attack my space. Why? No idea. I am not a party animal, I think it is quite visible.

I mean really!

I smile… and I always run away. From behind of the tree I see them confused and hurt. Only because I am not like the others? Why? Why this is so wrong to feel okay when alone? Why?

I am not one like others.

Let me be… like one of those wild animals.

Do not approach.

Do not feed!!! LOL

But still… even with all this knowledge about mental heath people still…

Wanna make us their way.

Carve us… into a different shape.

Why I do not feel this need? Have no heroes. Never was crazy about some band, actor etc. Always, somehow, wanted to be the best me.

And me is not like everyone else.

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