A walk

Come with me or a walk… it is early autumn, drought taken its harvest… it is still so warm, but there is something in the air.

Winter is coming…

Or more like here… will not come, but still, we have little hope for some snow.

For now… there is only warmth in the air, still green trees, some burnt ones and all those colors… starting to play with my mind.

And bridges, where you have to pay trolls to came through.


See, they are there. Whole family, so be ready. They like candies and chocolate, so no worries. No gold needed, but sometimes… well, you never know.


Because here, on my island it is always magical, always and everything. Fairies, gnomes, trolls, witches…

Or maybe just mushrooms?

You never know… never! LOL

But maybe he knew? Still, because I caught him playing with some poop, he run away from me when I sniffed him.

I am afraid it is something bad in beetle world.

To be sniffed around. LOL

But still… he was so cute.

And those trees, branches, colors.

Just the woods, rocks, moss.

And leaves which whisper old stories.

Because every leaf counts, if you did not know.

And suddenly… see, I am aware it looks like paradise. We are not perfect here, but cattle, sheep and goats run around freely in many places, so be careful where you put your feet. Really careful. And be ready to be…

… amazed by cuteness. 

And beauty of a simple stuff.

Because here everything is simple. Okay, sometimes people make it complicated, but still, a walk is so simple, and so amazingly complicated if you rethink it after. All those steps, beauty, photos, whispers, songs from the clouds…


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