And how is your blue doing?

The idea of a color in fact touching human soul, mind, feelings is nothing new.

We all have favorite colors, and even there favorite shades…

… we dislike colors, we often can not look at something what we would love if it was for example… green.

What we would desire.

I love blue.

It is obvious, because I often talk about it.

But still… there was a time when one shade was the one I hated to the core. That was this military kind of dark, deep blue, which was between warm and cold. Which everyone had to wear at school… 

I hated it.

Still prefer not to use it in my palette.

Just because…

But do you know I do not like brown. Just do not… and green sometimes. Red makes me feel naked and angry, what is so scientifically proved!

But still…

Blue… why the heck blue is a symbol of depression? “I feel blue”.


What is in blue, that it forces me to want things I do not need but still, I want them because they are in this perfect blue, cobalt blue shade?

Blue… why are you my Master?!!! LOL

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