People often ask me about 3 things: why, how to have inspiration and why… Because 1 and 3 are just impossible to answer, if you feel the will of creating, you just create. You do it. You must, if not… your brain will overflow!

For sure one of the biggest inspirations is myself. And nope, I am not bragging. I just am okay with myself. I mean with my inner self which for most of doctors is unusual and needs strong pills… my dreams, geeez it is like movies, I do not have TV, barely watch anything, so it all comes from myself…

What now is somehow scary.

This baby was not scary, although probably poisonous. Still, great inspiration, right?

Or this.


Waterlilies were always such a huge inspiration for painters and poets, for storytellers and simple writers.

Because of those wax almost flowers…

And that water.



And the water.

Blue and calm.

Or just this kind of redness. So special…

From one side scary, from the other bit regal.

Or maybe…

This one.

How funny it is.

How cute, cuddly, until it poops on your coat or car or window or… eats your ice cream when you are still have your tongue there…

Yup. There is so much inspiration around and in you. Just listen. Just dig deeper! Just give yourself a chance! But no worries. The mighty truth is… not everyone got to be an artist. Like not everyone is… or maybe everyone is an artists only some of us have not find the chance yet?

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