The green… or waiting for a ferry.

Because this is what it was.

Waiting time.

And watching the sky changing into that green, weird abyss.

I mean really.

Of course I am aware that there is that phenomena when the sun touching the horizon and changes a bit into green blob, still…

The whole sky?

Okay, it was a weird day and weird weather.

And a looooong time…

With nothing to do…

Okay, I could read, but that sky was so cool.

I could not go out and run around the place, but still…

I could watch.

The amazing moment.

The sun doing what it does the best…


And change simple stuff – simple in this area of Ystad…

Into treasures.

Precious stones and art.



And then suddenly it all changed.

Went away.

In a blink of my eye.

Okay, maybe two blinks.

And darkness appeared and I was driving home.

This is already taken on my island… just colors.

What I love the most!

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