Vikings 4

The Gokstad Ship… the one more simple, you would maybe say more boring, not interesting… but in fact it is the one so touching, so stunning so bringing up thoughts. So touching.

And it is not only because of this dark wood…

Not only because of this movie, which you can see here.

Not only.

But mostly because of this chamber.

This past. This view into the mythology of death. Because, no offense, but most of you will imagine viking burials only by those with arrows, fire and burning boats on clean waters of the past seas.


And the truth is… the truth is as usual in the mighty between.

Still, when I look at this past, those perfectly constructed pieces, I think about people. Those who cared or maybe were only scared.

Scared of the dark side of the after-light.

Sailing there had to be important. But was it only a custom, or maybe they really loved that man?

Was he important so much, or maybe “only” loved?

How to get it today?

Or maybe we should not get it?

Maybe we should look for it around…

Around ourselves, especially around this time of Yule.

Especially now…


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