Arty Oslo

Okay… there is a parking next to it, it is really up, and the whole city is somewhere down there, like not existing… it was wet and gloomy and still…

It was amazing.

And a bit weird. Well… How to say it?

The truth is… this is not what you are thinking about. Or is… who cares. Art is to talk about, to feel, to discuss… right?

But I will write about it later.

She is so beautiful, and those green, wet leaves…

Hard to think it was still summer.

Why we have to write it? Why people just do not respect art?

This huge park is just amazing and I promise you a long walk here, but…

First this one.

An amazing sculpture in front of a very famous school… one so full of movement, passion, stories, emotions…

That I can not stop thinking about it. Helhesten by Gunnar Utsond.

PS. To be continued LOL

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