Fjällbacka architectural 3

Red and white… fighting but also knowing its space.


I wanna touch them, cuddle, but do not want to destroy this quiet amazingness. And be a nasty intruder!!! I do not want to feel us one unwanted here. I wanna be the one worshiping. Just because.

I am weird.

And I love homes.

Cottages, buildings, apartments.

Older, new, fresh and touched by ages.

With mystery windows and hidden doors.

Those so open and those a bit shy…

But all this whiteness… is sometimes a bit churchy. A bit like first communion time. A bit too holy even.

Still, I want it all!!!

This bloody redness too!

I want them all. To love them, hold them, cuddle them!

I want to come back there. And if you all miss the sea, remember there is a movie on my YouTube LOL

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