The best TV!

The best TV, the best art ever is… Nature!!! I mean really. You go into the woods and there is magic. Bark, trees, grass, paths and… animals of course. Although those little screaming, angry babies live in a city. Yup. … Continue reading

The heat

I get it… I mean I really do. I get it that there are people who love summer, hot weather, sun bathing, sweating and all that stuff. People who look like frites. I mean really. Brown and beautiful like fried … Continue reading


Sooo… I was not raised in some weird religious compound. I was not forced to have long hair, in fact I was the sad opposite, forbidden to have one. No idea why, my so called mother, had always told me … Continue reading


Even if you are standing alone on the rock, surrounded by waves, thunders, storms and all those disasters. Even if everything is sadness… … think… how cool it is to have wings, even if only wings of imagination. Even if … Continue reading


Drought. Haven’t been so for ages. I mean really. Not so bad. Not so devastating. Not so… immortal. So sure of its doings, so strong, persistent, so… everything. It is like crying without tears. When you come back to nature, … Continue reading