Sunset is life…

In fact, you know, metaphorical.

Sunsets are like lives… they start and you are never sure if it will be pretty in the end, with funny clouds, all those colors, or maybe it will be just setting… passing. Just there as usual but nothing special.

Will it be quick or long… what it will show, touch, leave in you?

Will you in fact be on time, or maybe late? Will you watch it or be watched?

Life is a sunset.

Expecting, experiencing and admiring. It can be mild or so strong. Can touch so many or came by unseen.


Slowly or quickly getting colors.

Juicing them.

Sometimes you hide and look at it with your eyes not so wide open and sometimes you are not scared at all. Brave and strong. But in fact, you got it now, that this strength comes with time. But how much of this time you have?

And are you in fact the one who observes his own life or using it?

Dealing with everything?

Bitting problems, kicking? Because, no worries, I am not judging. I am the one who hides. Because sometimes, or more like more often for me, it is all I can do. Still, I am doing it the best I can!

Whatever. Take your brush and paint it… because even when it sucks and is really hard, you look at all those beautiful photos of people under palm trees and you wanna be one of them remember, simple birch is good too! And you do not have to worry about coconuts falling on your head!!!

This what you have can also be beautifully painted. Talked about. There is history in everything not only in all those posh Instagram photos and you are the author. You can put there everything. Do not go to that IG side. It was paid to look like this and nobody mentioned fucking sand flies!

They bite and it burns like hell!!!

And the sunset… well, it will melt into the night. Night which is calm, dreams and so much fun, different fun. But it will also rebirth once.

Just wait.

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