The end is coming

I mean really, with all that post-apocalyptic literature, movies, the whole culture so blooming, what do you bet?

Zombies, vampires?

Big bugs?


Because I am reading now Ezekiel Boon’s “Te Hatching” and am not so sure anymore. In this moment, when everyone is reminding me about retrograding planets, the moon eclipse, weird guys destroying my windows and calling it: painting… If I go out now into this awful heat for sure I will be the monster ending this world.

I will blow out!

Sooo… let me stay here, in my home, with the nice cooling machine, because it is not in fact AirCon, more like a slightly ice dragon just farting… but in the mood of this all stuff changing, this awful hot weather, all those theories are coming out again. And I do not get it. Why the heck, and I have qualities, people do not see in me one of the Riders of the Apocalypse? I could do it! I love black… but maybe not myself on a horse, I need a car and a personal driver LOL

Okay, I am not laughing out all those believes, I just do not get it, why people so eagerly want that END?!!! Why? Clean up the Earth, plant more trees, do not make so many new humans, take care of those smart ones and we will be okay. Listen to those old ones. They are smart! end is not the solution. It is only a possibility. And it is possible, that for most of us the world ends at least few times a year.

Maybe we are like Ikar from Bruegel’s painting?

And nobody sees our end…


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