Yeah, I know… probably risky subject, but think about it: HE WAS AN ARTISTS!

How scary is that?

What if Adolf Hitler was in fact approved to that art school?

What if he became an artists… only an artists?

How much was in that one point from the past. In that one letter from Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, changed everything. If he was accepted there, he would for sure spend many years studying and painting all those watercolors, aquarelles… Imagine him without a mustache sitting somewhere in the wilderness and painting landscapes, scenery, of course not humans, because he was lousy in it. This is why he was not accepted. Because there was no life in his portraits.

No humanity in faces…

Now it says so much about him.

Art which we choose, which we create, in fact tells a lot about us. But also, this weir subject, and yes I do know too much about what he done: born in Poland, educated and now obsessed about him a bit, or more like about the truth which history lessons did not inform me about… or lied… I see more. I again see that humans never change and they never will. Nope. We are just made like this. Needing gods…

Still. I will not link it, but google his art. Look at it and think…

How much could change if he, as an artists, was not rejected… Interesting. For so long he was fighting for his art dreams and then, destroyed dreams of so many. It is so scary when you think about it. Of course there was no one thing to create a monster, but truly, maybe whatever we do can be that spot, which changes someone into one. Oh my, I do not wanna think about it.


All I wanna say is: read more. Learn. Meet all sides of the story, never stay only by one, never dig only one hole. Always surround the problem, subject, moment… but do not try to overthink everything, you can get crazy.

I got crazy. LOL

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