For the first time in my not so short life, I am observing the trees dying.

In fact most of my herbs, which were watered by us, are in a late autumn stage. And summer jut started. But no rain, except fee days since April made everything not only in all shades of beige but also dry and… those which are not strong enough or grow bravely on rocks… dying…

Slowly but…

Some of trees are already dead. Do I blame humans? Of course I do!!! You all should not cut of the bushes and trees only to give tourists better view! We need that thin layer of soil even on rocks. Yes there is some even on a desert… but the cutting off and all this pollution, yup we got it even here. The Earth is round and if you poop on the one side of it it will roll to other places too. Literally. LOL

Okay, this is just a funny description but believe me, this that you litter on vacation, far away from your home, in fact means you litter your own body.

Looking at this, at all this death, drought, awful heat, feeling it sucks!!! This is why I do not walk so much as usual. I exercises more but I would prefer to go into the woods. But not in this heat. Not with this painful sun… still, I feel this strong will to create exactly now, when I feel so awfully physically. I hate the heat!!! I need an iceberg!!! Or two even! I mean really! I will love it, feed it and take for walks.

Does not to have to be very big one. LOL

Still… this whole heat and dryness as something new is also something so amazing. So new, making me eager to discover all the parts of it, to meet it, to find out more, to wait for rain, normality… as a scientist, I am always ready to do some research. To observe. To see the end… Awful me.

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