People often say that home is here the heart is, where love ones are and you in fact… but for me home is a land. Land surrounded by waves. Land now struggling, but who is not… And of course a dream about my own home and a woodland.

Will I ever make it true?

Probably not.

Am I realistic? Usually not, but a farm full of dragons and unicorns, trolls helping me and fairies in my small herbal garden, well… hard to transform into reality. And peace and quiet. Somehow other humans are a problem even if you choose a place where nature is the most important thing. Because… we have tourists. And people on vacation do not care about others, and about those living in places they come for sun and waves, totally. Worst, they are really nasty and offensive.

With every year it is worst.

I now know why people hide, like me, why they just close eyes and run away. Why they are annoyed, depressed and why it passes when season ends…

But home…

Do you have one? Your dreamed one? How is it? What is inside? What is the most important thing there? How your own, creative spot looks like? What do you love in your bedroom, bathroom? How do you hide there?

How find it safe and really yours?

PS. Photo taken in a shop in Gudhjem. But what do you think about this hammock? LOL Yes or no?

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