Give me a ride! LOL

I mean really, I am not a huge, crazy fan of cars.

I love when they do not break and take me from point A to B in one piece and without motion sickness, and maybe comfy, but no must. Still, somehow older cars melt me a bit. They got soul in…

Or sometimes many of them if they are old enough.

They are little – mostly – survivors. Somehow they beaten humans! YAY! They survived time, swearing, bad driving, kids, dogs, cats, nasty roads, bicycles… You know how it goes. Especially when you are a walker like me. I did not mean that walker, zombie like, I meant a human being using legs, feet. Okay, I am aware it is weird in USA. Thanks for messages! Yes, I was shocked.

Still, cars…

I have no license to drive, although I know why, and all of you are safe thanks to this! Trust me. But still, look at those bugs.

Aren’t they cute?

Okay, I was joking with this ride…

I can ensure you, I would throw up after you close the doors. Really! But still, form the outside you guys are brilliant. Somehow they are male to me… well… For me things, most of them, got souls. I am not only animistic but also “thingistic”? Is there such word? I know that there are people loving things, I mean really, just watched the documentary. And somehow now I feel so healthy mentally… Really.

Because others are so much more richer in…

… weirdness. Or maybe it means I am poor? Having sex with a bridge or Eiffel Tower is for me another level. I mean really. I would choose a tree! Much more life in it! And yes, I am serious. I get loving objects. Really do.

But not in a sexual way…

To this I prefer humans. LOL

Still… the best thing in old cars are not old ladies, properly dressed with scarfs and big hats, so beautiful, taking it all seriously – and on my island we have many of them and really old cars – but in fact all those funny signs and sentences.

So proper for me. LOL

Sooo… is it art? I mean really? Or not? Does soul makes it art? Feelings of those watching, touching, missing, having, driving… possessing!?

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