The maker…

For me there was always something strange between an art and an artist.  Something too complicated to get it. When I stepped into this world, dive into this passion, madness even… suddenly I started to separate one from another. Because … Continue reading

The end is coming

I mean really, with all that post-apocalyptic literature, movies, the whole culture so blooming, what do you bet? Zombies, vampires? Big bugs? Aliens? Because I am reading now Ezekiel Boon’s “Te Hatching” and am not so sure anymore. In this … Continue reading


Yeah, I know… probably risky subject, but think about it: HE WAS AN ARTISTS! How scary is that? What if Adolf Hitler was in fact approved to that art school? What if he became an artists… only an artists? How … Continue reading


People often say that home is here the heart is, where love ones are and you in fact… but for me home is a land. Land surrounded by waves. Land now struggling, but who is not… And of course a … Continue reading