More about art…

For me… because I should mention it that it is only my opinion, of a crazy woman, so you can not care… art is everything.

Art is in broken trees, in seeds, branches, stones, rocks, boulders, in mushrooms, in every photo, yes it can be there… in simple grass, in thoughts and dreams, sleepless nights and those covered in a huge mystery, can be in words, and creations.


In fact the art is this what you feel looking at the piece. In fact you, the one who looks at it, admires or hates, feels thrill or maybe finally gets something… changes itself. Somehow enriches inside.

You make it art.

Te one who watches, who touches, who is amazed. Who feels that it is a lost part of his soul or maybe heart? It sounds huge, but this is how it is.

And some of art is easy.

You see nice colors and find it beautiful.

Simple. It speaks to you through shapes and shades. You love red so it will be easier for every artists painting in this color to reach you. But what if you get surprised? Suddenly find yourself in green?

It is possible!

Clay, canvases, porcelain, wood… so many possibilities.

Chose wisely and be ready for surprises. Because even the artist you do not like, can create something you find is a piece of you. A piece which was never mentioned in you, which was never… expecting.

Art is also in you. Your shape, how you smile, walk, how you move in fact. It is hard to say what is not art. But the truth is… art should be for everyone. And should be visible, but not destroying nature. Because still The Nature creates the best pieces. I mean really, humans will never be so good…

PS. All photos taken in Gudhjem.

None of it is my own art… except photos, they are. LOL

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